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A new Facebook page for the Truth Party

Here’s a post to the Facebook group called the Truth Party. The idea is that there should become a new political party in the US, called the Truth Party, since both the Democrat and Republican parties have made themselves out of line with the common goals of the People of this nation, and therfore should be made irrelevant.

The Facebook page for the Truth Party is at

Here’s the post:


I came across this group while looking for a new political party, which had its ideals based in Truth and not in lies, rhetoric and mass public manipulation, as do the Democrat and the Republican political parties. I myself do not think that the policies of the Libertarian political party are pragmatic enough, and the limited scope of both the Green and Communist political parties do not provide them with the capacity to ever draw large numbers of voters “into their tent”. I had thiought that a new political party which is capable of representing the wide range of popular policies which benefit the People of the United States of America has been sorely needed since the 1980s, obviously so during the 1990s, and painfully so since the election of Barack Obama and the plurality of Democrats in both the House and Senate, any and all historical significance aside.

Therefore, I thought that a new political party had been needed to accurately represent the will of the majority of Americans. I thought a really good name for this party would be the Truth Party. Republicans have become (over the space of time since president Eisenhower) ever increasingly shown to be outright liars, starting with Nixon and crew in 1960 and worse yet when elected following the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 1968. The entire basis of (G.H.W. Bush and) Reagan’s “trickle down” economic policies have been shown time and again to be an outright fabrication produced only for the benefit of the already rich, and George W. Bush has been widely viewed as the worst president in the history of the nation for nearly every single action he performed while in office. Democrats have fared no better since president Carter, insofar as that president Clinton seemed intent on rejecting unions and workers rights and standards for the benefit of Global Fascists and their corporate shills on the same level as Reagan. President Obama, who was elected just as Clinton was, on a tidal wave of popular “hope” regarding “the economy, stupid”, has so far failed as horribly as Clinton in terms of providing a better standard for the workers of this country, the majority of the populace, at 70-80% of the total workforce. Obama has done noting for the workers, while simultaneously giving trillions to the already rich banks and bankers in the form of bonuses. He may publicly speak against it, but he has done absolutely nothing to prevent it (the “Pay Czar” has no teeth), and has encouraged it by giving the banks the money in the first place, rather than, say, spending less money by simply bailing out every underwater mortgage in the country. Obama obviously believes (or at least acts), like Reagan, that “trickle down” policies work, where it is painfully obviously to the majority of americans that he is completely incorrect and out of touch.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties are entirely Fascist, being completely beholden to global businesses and their lobbyists to have the ability to get elected or even cast a vote. The People of these United States of America deserve the opposite of this, and the Truth Party should be beholden only to the People. In fact, despite their acted public quarrels, the Democrats and Republicans have almost everything in common on issues of monetary and economic policies, favoring global capitalism as a means of resource extraction to benefit the already rich, foreign policy often to the same end, and policies on outsourcing the military and prison functions to private contractors owned by the already rich. The Truth Party will oppose all of these policies, so as to benefit all of the People of these United States of America.

The false dichotomy between the brands of Republican and Democrat provides the People of this nation with the illusion of a choice while presenting a singlar choice of complete Fascism (which is rule by the corporate structure) on a global scale, and our Fascist Supreme Court today has underscored this when they did not even bat an eye while they unanimously equated corporations with people (the ruling itself was 5-4 on the question of campaign financing, but no one on the bench questioned that corporations were people, which they are quite obviously not). The Truth Party must seek to remove the personhood from corporate law, and revert corporations to limited chartered activities for the good of the People of these United States of America.

The Truth Party need not have a position on so-called “wedge” issues, like abortion rights, gay marriage, flat taxes and the like, but rather should concern itself with corporate personhood, monetary, economic and foreign policies, workers’ rights and standards, and the betterment of the overall lives and livelihoods of we the People of these Unioted States of America. The Truth Party should not be confused with the 9/11 Truth movement, although there may be many shared ideals, and should never be comingled with the “Birthers” and other crazies. The Truth Party should demonstrate itself to be the salvation of the 95% or so of the People who are not already rich, and should therefore wrest control of goverment from the Fascists currently in charge.

I propose that we use this dormant Facebook group to organize and publicize these efforts to return control of the nation back to the People of these United States of America. Please post a reply to this topic if you agree and then spread the word, so that work can begin!

Thank You!

Michael Oatman


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