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Okay, spoilers, it’s official.  Of Course I’m Running Again!

Hello Everyone!

After a long and perhaps undeserved respite, I will become a presence on this WP site yet again.

Shall you ask why?  There is nothing like a race-baited government-induced crisis to bring folks like me out of the woodwork, I suppose.  Obviously, I am referencing the obamACAre hating bigots of the far right, who seem to be making their own Golden Dawn-ish party faction of the Federalists, er Whigs, er Republicans.  And they say that Democratic-Republicans who were then spoken of as the Democrats are not the Grand Old Party.  I am registered as an Independent and I think I’ll be running under The Truth Party; we’ll see.  Let’s just get Single Payer and get it over with!

I don’t subscribe to the theory that with only crisis do you resolve to have action; we must be proactive in the future.  We need to stop monoculture, Monsanto, and we can sequester carbon by properly tilling the soil.  We need to bring back the Bison, the Wolves and the Bees.  These actions all will perpetuate the survival of humans, which is in prescient danger.

They set the bar intentionally higher this time in 2016 so as to prohibit people in general from exercising their civic duties by running for President, so I’ll need some statewide organizational help if we are to pull this off.  By “they”, I mean the states’ legislatures which now require both money and petition signatures to qualify for the ballot.

You may reach me at president [at] MichaelOatman [dot] (info|net) for now, until I get a really nice site up.  That would be either .info or .net after my name.  I’m still working on recovering my .com.  Damn cybersquatters.

So I wrote this on my TV show and business websites, and so please read:

The place in this world bears no more space for those ideologues of bigotry nor hatred.  The ancient thought that a betterment of one family or race or strain is somehow purity, that is now obviously not only quaint, but incorrect and patently obtuse and averse from reality.  The old lines are no longer to be sanely held.  We shall not now and ought not to ever more be alone.  I do not want to be this, only in, that only I am this; it is necessary this entire world needs to share that this immutable truth must be known, because, we all of everyone, we do collectively hold the highest and so care about our future, even when it is not our own.

And if that is not a blatant espousal of communism, then I don’t know what is.

That’s all for now, please take the poll, and please stay tuned!


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