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I am interested in finding people who are willing to work as major fundraisers, to help ensure that my campaign qualifies for the City Clean Elections funding.

These people will be responsible for gathering at least 220 contributors all together, for campaign donations of $10 or more per contributor, all prior to 21 August 2017.

If you would like to sign up as a fundraiser, please email for more information.


If you would like to contribute to my Tucson City Council campaign (it is tax deductible for the 2017 tax year), I would encourage you to do so today!  The campaign still needs to make flyers, campaign contribution slips and envelopes, yard signs and other signage (think bus stops?), T-shirts, buttons, business cards, (I don’t know about hats…) and various other merch/swag/promotional items.  If we get enough in contributions, we may be able to air some television spots on local network prime time.

You do not have to live in the City of Tucson in order to contribute to my campaign, but if you do live within Tucson City Limits and contribute $10 or more, you count as one donor toward the 200 needed for my campaign to qualify for City Clean Elections funding.

All contributions should be made out to:

Michael Oatman For Tucson Ward 6
PO BOX 304
TUCSON, AZ 85702-0304

Please include your full name, your signature (usually on the check), address (street/city/state/zip), phone, email, occupation and employer (all required for Clean Elections).  If you do not have an employer, just write "N/A" (or "self") and state your occupation, like "retired" or "student" (and please be more specific than "contractor" or "consultant" — again, these are the rules for Clean Elections).  Please send a personal check, money order, or a cashier’s check to the address above, rather than sending cash, but if you do send cash, or if your check has incorrect or incomplete information written on it, please send a note with your full and complete information accompanying your contribution.  All incomplete or anonymous contributions must be forfeited to the city, and are not permitted either to count toward Clean Elections or to be shared with the Campaign.

I’d really like it if everybody could contribute exactly ten dollars.  We could really show the Republicans, and even the Democrats, what a real grass roots campaign looks like!

Thank you for all that you do!
Michael Oatman

Nomination Signatures:

To be included on the Primary ballot on 29 August 2017, I must, prior to 30 May 2017, submit at least 23 Nomination Petition signatures to the City Elections office.  That’s signatures, not pages, and that’s not very many, I know.  I’d like to give them about 4-5 pages worth, though, and if you’d like to sign, you can if you live in Ward Six and are currently registered either as a Green Party member or as an Independent (or no party affiliation) who has not signed another Nomination Petition for City Council.  You can download one (or download one with my photo on it), print it out, sign it (and/or canvass signatures from those in Ward Six), sign and complete the back, and mail it to the address in the Contact Info below.

Okay, okay, once we get T-shirts printed, you get a free campaign T-shirt for every sheet of 10 signatures you turn in.  In any event, I would be extremely grateful to anyone who helps collect signatures!  Thanks in advance!

Contact Info:

Contact Form:


Please send email (or use the Contact Form above) if you would like me to answer a particular issue very quickly.  I apologize for the informality, but I can type rather quickly being a computer guy by profession, and therefore I can answer much more mail this way.

Please send regular mail if you need to mail in a campaign donation or any other type of contribution to my campaign.  Sending anything but flat parcels or regular envelopes is *VERY* highly discouraged by the post office and myself.

Thank You Everyone,
Michael Oatman

Ward Six, Vote Green!   Vote Oatman in 2017!
  Michael Oatman For Ward 6
  of Tucson City Council!
With Love, We Can Take the Power Back!

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