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Here are some links to articles written about Michael Oatman’s run for Tucson City Council:

Michael Oatman on BallotPedia

Council candidate filings set up 2 contested primaries

Council candidates for 2017 City of Tucson primary election

Tucson City Council: 2 Primary Races, 2 November Races

Tucson Weekly – The Skinny, 11 May 2017

Arizona Daily Star – Architect Mariano Rodriguez to challenge Kozachik in Ward 6 council race

Here are some photos for use by media outlets and any others who wish to use images of Michael Oatman, to be placed in the Public Domain:

City Council 2017

This is pretty luddite tech for a science march!

Go Green Party!

Same thing but grey.

Not enough signatures to qualify in 2016

The Last IKTV Episode (so far).

2012 Green Party Presidential Run

Michael’s name on the cover of the Tucson Weekly!

Looking Green in the center left.

Same thing but smaller.

At the Project White House beer summit.

2008 Presidential Run

Round up the 2008 Project White House candidates!

Same thing but smaller.

Does this make me look Wolverine?

The Tucson Weekly created this version.


And this is Michael’s Arizona MVD Photo, just in case.

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