Hey, Bernie! It is NOW time to run!

Senator Sanders, please hear this:

The media is telling everyone that “Head for the Red Right Arrow on the Hills” Clinton has a delegate count which is, and I would like to emphasize this, **HALFWAY** to a point at which HDRC has, and again, to emphasize, **HALF ** the delegates, of the total in which any Dem needs to win the Nom.

I’m hopeful that everyone reading knows how to multiply fractions and/or percentages.

For, if you are halfway to “getting half” (i.e.: “halfway”), you could represent the wins of HDRC as “one half of one half”, which by multiplication (0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25, or 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4) gives you 25% of all delegates. This obviously means that there are still 75% of delegates out for grabs. Not Superdelegates, but just the ones where you win them when people vote.

For everyone reading this, you should probably look at my Voting Rights Bill Of Rights, because that should happen immediately. Also, VOTE!!!!!

Oh, wait, yeah…….. FUCKING VOTE!!!!! I mean, you may get a ticket for indecency if you do that in the booth; I would recommend a nearby hotel; keep passing the currency. BUT VOTE!

The turnout in Nevada was 11.5K in 2016 as opposed to 105K in 2008. Bernie won 3/4 of those counties, but Hillary won Clark and Nye. Hillary got the majority of the delegates.

I believe that very many people want Bernie Sanders to be POTUS, but if we cannot get our collective asses out of our Google Cardboard 3-D what-the-fucks, then, we will, and will deserve to be, bound by the fruits of our collective inaction. And I really hope that will not end up being my least favorite DJ, TRUMP (please see http://CLUBTRUMP.COM/)!

In short, Bernie can win the remaining 75% of the delegates, and I say IF AND ONLY IF, we finally and all of us please do SHOW UP TO VOTE!

Come On!!! Really!!?!!

Luvvins and I Voted Early on 26 February 2016 For Bernie!

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